The Cultural and Social Role of Muslim Women in Contemprary European Society

The Womens Studies Working Group of Iran-Haus intends to organize a one-day workshop to study its cultural representation processes and the structural construction and norms of Muslim women in the European media.

The aim of this workshop is to exchange and share the experiences and approaches of researchers and scholars in various related areas on the following directions:

  • The interrelationship of the media and the role of the Muslim woman in presenting the contemporary image of the Muslim woman identity.

  • Representation of immigrant Muslim women in German and European media

  • Realistic or prosthetic images of Muslim woman in the German and European media

  • The Impact of Western Media in constructing of the Identity of a European Muslim Woman

  • The exposure of a Muslim woman to this constructed image in German and European media

  • Alternative approaches for the Introduction of Muslim women in European societies

  • Experience of European Muslim women before and after converting to Islam from the women gender role

Iran-Haus invites all the scholars and experts in all fields of human science to submit a short summary of their research papers or articles by the date of 15/11/2017 to the following email address:

Dr. Malekeh Shahi:


Iran-Haus | Drakestr. 3 | 12205 Berlin +4930740715400 |

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